Xbox 360 Jtag / RGH Services

-- We have A send In Service for Jtag

-- We Sell Jtag / RGH Consoles

--We Use the Latest Glitch Chips Out

--We Upgrade your console To latest Dashboard

-- We Put all Information from Xbox on CD or on a Drive For your Records

Microsoft XBOX 360 Repair:

 • "Red Ring Of Death" repair

• Disk read problems

• Drive replacement

• Overheating problems

• Motherboard Repair/Replacement

• Chip soldering & Replacement parts

• We can repair just about any problem

~~Xbox 360 Flashing Service:

-- We flash mod every type of Xbox 360 Drive there is.

-- We Use the latest LT+ 3.0 Firmware for each drive

-- We Do Future Upgrades when they are needed

-- We Will Upgrade your consoles Dashboard and DVD drive Firmwares to its lastest

-- We keep a record of all Files on hand incase of anything to happen


Has your Xbox 360 started showing errors? An Xbox 360 repair may be needed. We are an experienced Xbox 360 repair shop. We here at Final Tech will get your Xbox 360 back to you repaired, cleaned, and ready for more fast paced gaming. We are a leaders of Xbox 360 repair & take pride in not only meeting but we will exceed your expectations. The speed, quality, and cost of your Xbox 360 repair is backed with our superior customer service. Rdod (Red Dot of Death) Error Codes Displayed On Screen (E73, E74, and other E error codes) XBox Slim locking up XBox freezing intermittently Disc drive does not eject Disc tray stuck open or closed Discs do not read Open tray errors. Discs are getting scratched Laser failure Picture not displaying or graphical glitches No sound or picture For the technical minded, you will be pleased to know that we use the highest quality thermal paste, replacement parts and cleaning tools. Our repair bench is static proof; there is no risk of ESD discharge. Our techs are unbeatable, as are our custom electronic repair tools. Together we yield the best quality work!

~The Xbox 360 is a wonderful game console, but the one thing that scares gamers to death about the Xbox 360, is the red ring of death. Those 3 little flashing red lights have caused a lot of headaches to gamers around the world. Most experts estimate that the red ring of death will strike 1 out of 3 consoles, that would be roughly 33% failure rate. Both numbers are to high in our opinion, after all you have spend anywhere from $200-$499 to buy your Xbox 360